The Odds (2012)

And he is only 1. He likes the contest of poker, so the thrill a stunt gamehe gets from betting on high-school wrestling. Things are more fascinating when there's something at stake. Available on

Desson understands that can not be the cause that is actual when dead from an apparent suicide ends out, and he's forced to uncover the truth. He plunges into the dangerous and dark underbelly of an affluent neighbourhood where his hunt leads him into the tough bookie Paulwrestling star Sam gangster Terry, along with the mystical place known only as Wang.

In The Odds, as seen on , seventeen year old Desson's life has been thrown into chaos if he discovers his best friend dead from an apparent suicide. Desson comes face to face with all the dark secrets of his own complicity at the death of Barry. Delving into a world cloaked inside a middle-class area, the movie casts an eye on the action surrounding an illegal gambling ring.

Desson must also come face to face with the secrets of his own complicity in Barry's death, which can be more concrete than anyone imagines as he delves deeper into this world. Driven by guilt, he needs to know what went down, though it means he won't come out clean.

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